1) Delivery

By placing an order in our webshop you accept our terms and conditions concerning delivery, warranty and payment. Rietveld Licht & Wonen holds the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions that applied to your purchase on the purchase date on your invoice will remain applicable to your purchase.

Fixed price

Rietveld Licht & Wonen guarantees that the price as indicated with the item on the purchase date and as indicated on the invoice will not be raised. Rietveld Licht & Wonen is not liable for inaccurate prices caused by the internet server or by hackers, computer viruses et cetera.

No shipping costs or ordering costs

Our international webshops ship to the UK (excluding islands), The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic (shipping costs applicable), Spain and France. Please note that we do not ship to islands. If you want to have your order delivered to a foreign country, you can place your order on the website of that country. You can find our international webshops with the little flag icon in the top right corner on the website.

Find out the shipping costs right away by putting an item in your basket. It is not necessary to create an account or fill in your address data to view the total costs of your order. No shipping costs or taxes are charged in the UK and Ireland (excluding British Isles). This does not apply to spare parts.


The delivery time is mentioned for every single item in our webshop. If the items you ordered are in stock, your order will be shipped within 2 working days. The working days of our shipping department are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If an item is not in stock, the delivery time of the item is indicated on the website.

If an item is out of stock and permanently unavailable the purchase agreement will be terminated.

All delivery times are an indication and cannot lead to any claim or liability.

Rietveld Licht en Wonen (Lumidora) cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by the parcel delivery service.


The dimensions as mentioned with our items are approximate dimensions and can deviate slightly.
We recommend you donít start making preparations for the installation of the lamp(s) until you have received the lamp(s) and you are sure that you want to keep the lamp(s) and you know the exact dimensions.

Provision of information

The recommendations, delivery time, item descriptions and other information on our website is composed carefully. We cannot be held liable for possible mistakes or inaccuracies in these texts.

Our items are continually improved and redeveloped. Therefore it is possible that an item deviates somewhat from the same item you have ordered in our webshop earlier.

The delivery times of items that are out of stock are carefully estimated by means of the information provided by the lamp manufacturers. The delivery times can, however, suffer some delay due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. We do have the obligation to communicate with our manufacturers regularly to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible.

All of our wall lamps and spotlights come without a conductor cord, unless otherwise indicated. Our lamps are delivered with EU plugs.

2) Warranty

Rietveld Licht & Wonen guarantees that all lamps and lights (and parts thereof) delivered meet the normal requirements of soundness and usability and existing government regulations.

In case the item or parts of it get lost or damaged during shipping, Rietveld Licht & Wonen will replace them free of charge.

In case of failure in or at the item during the warranty period, when the item is used in a normal way corresponding the purpose of this item, Rietveld Licht & Wonen will replace the item free of charge. The shipping charges in this case - with a maximum of £23,00 per parcel - will also be paid by Rietveld Licht & Wonen.

Rietveld Licht & Wonen will determine whether or not the warranty is applicable in any case and will determine the course of shipping and repair.

Light bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or CFL bulbs have a warranty of 6 months. LED bulbs have a warranty of 2 years.

Glass parts and batteries are not included in the warranty.

The warranty is not applicable in case the defect is caused by the use of a wrong light bulb.

You have a 2 year warranty on your order provided that you can show us the receipt or invoice of your purchase. You have a 1 year warranty on furniture. When an item gets substituted during the warranty period, the original purchase date determines the warranty period.

The warranty is not applicable in case:

- the item is defective/broken/out of order as a result of negligence.
- the item has been altered by you or by third parties,
- defects on the item were caused by improper use of the item by not following the instructions,
- the damage is caused by external calamity, e.g. thunderbolt and other natural disasters,
- the damage is caused by overheating because of central heating or because of using a too high Wattage bulb.
- the damage is caused by exposure to moisture, extreme warmth, sunlight or extreme coldness.

Indirect costs, caused by the item being out of service or caused by installers and/or electricians or other third parties cannot be compensated.

3) Complaints and returns

Customers can report a complaint about an item within 1 month after purchase.
Customers can return an item if it does not meet their requirements. Items can be returned within 14 days after purchase. In this case, the return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

Customers can return the item(s) to:

Rietveld Licht en Wonen
Nieuwland Parc 6
2952 DA Alblasserdam
The Netherlands

RETURNS PACKAGING: the returned items must be in original condition, in their original packaging (including the inside packaging and, if applicable, bubble wrap). Writing on the boxes is not permitted. Please insert (a copy of) your invoice.
THE ITEMS: items cannot be used or altered in any way.
Only if these requirements are met and we have received the items in good condition, we can refund the purchase amount of the items. The refund will take place within 7 days.

4) Cancellation

After receiving the payment for your order, your order will be processed immediately by our fully automatised system. We therefore cannot cancel paid orders that are in stock.
If the items that you ordered are not in stock, we can still cancel your order and refund the purchase amount.