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The use of track lighting systems.

1. In case of an unfavorable position of your electrical ceiling box.
If the electrical box in your ceiling has an impractical position you can bring your lighting to the right places with a track lighting system.

2. If you want to prevent gazing into the spotlights.
If a spotlight has to cover a smaller area the chance of looking into the light beam is smaller. The light is more ambient with less shadow than when it has to cover a larger area. Also the chances of 'walking through the light beam' is smaller or even absent.

3. If you want ambient lighting.
If you use spotlights in a room, especially when the spotlights are not all in the same place, the lighting in the room is not even which creates ambience. This is contrary to a ceiling lamp with opal white glass that lights the room very evenly. The more even a room is lighted, the less ambient it looks. A contrast between light and dark gives a warm atmosphere to a room.

Different systems.
The real track lighting systems have a rail that is mounted onto the ceiling. There are also spotlight systems that consist of multiple spotlights but only need one mounting point. These spotlights can be adjusted on the rods and the rods themselves are also adjustable. The distance that can be covered is, however, smaller.

Mounting on sloping ceilings.
If you choose a system that is mounted on an electrical box it is recommended to support the rods at the ends. Not all spotlights come with these extra support parts. The adjustability of the spotlights then becomes less because the position of the rods will be fixed.

We also offer track lighting systems with an IP rating of IP44 to use in your bathroom. They even come in a 12 Volt version with built-in transformer if you want this in your bathroom. CeilingPendantLamps has a track lighting system suitable for every demand.

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